CSI Programme

Tourism Corporation Africa is committed to South Africa and the Roving Ambassador believes this is a country filled with hope promise and opportunity. As an organisation, TCA dedicated to the preservation of the environment, eco-tourism and the upliftment of local communities within the areas we operate. Inequality and poverty remains priority areas not only at all three spheres of government, but also for TCA. The Roving Ambassador has pledged to contribute to poverty alleviation through social empowerment of historically disadvantaged communities.

Since the implementation of their Corporate Social Investment Programme in 1999. TCA has facilitated hospitality training of 40 young South Africans. These talented young individuals, were sourced though the local municipalities from rural areas such as Port St Johns, Aliwal North and most recently Graaf Reinnet in the Eastern Cape.

The programme comprises of a 6 month induction and skills training within the Western Cape. Thereafter the candidates are placed in learnership programmes at 5 star hotels in Ireland, the UK and Italy. The interns are assessed upon completion of the two-year programme and TCA’s assistance in securing employment is a factor which encouraged them to return to our southern shores.

The objective of the programme is to increase access to opportunities and enhance the quality of life by providing sustainable development of our youth and to transfer of skills to those that in the past may not have had access to such opportunities.

The program is open for application to all young south Africans irrespective of colour or creed providing they come from low income, disadvantaged families and to have graduated from high school at a minimum standard of grade 10, all applications should be fluent in English and one other recognised South African language