Archipelago Charters

Archipelago Charters is a luxury Mozambican leisure and business helicopter chauffer air service, which offers a diverse range of products including helicopter tours, island hopping across the Archipelago, as well as transfers, corporate charters and private travel.

The company operates a variety state-of-the-art Eurocopter and Bell helicopters across Mozambique with full time operations in the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelago’s and headquarters stationed in Inhambane. They also have unlimited access to various helipads in Mozambique for guest transfers to and from luxury island resorts.

Archipelago Charters subscribes to the principles as embodied in their vision statement:

  • As market leaders they are committed to providing the ultimate personal helicopter experience for the discerning traveller, business executive and aviation enthusiast.
  • They aim to be the premier, number one helicopter company in the geographical area of operation.
  • They deliver the highest level of comfort and safety whilst establishing a benchmark for personal safety.
  • The pilots have undergone extensive training and all hold a professional license in order to make sure that they adhere to all flight safety rules and that you feel secure and comfortable during your trip.
  • Archipelago Charters does not compromise service, through service excellence and consistent quality management we ensure VIP treatment with a “safety first” culture.

Archipelago Charters Benefits

  • Access to remote areas
  • Discretion and privacy
  • Itinerary flexibility
  • Visit multiple destinations
  • No need to wait for scheduled flights, baggage or deal with congested airports.

Flying with Archipelago Charters is not just a means of transport but a journey and a thrilling experience. With your experienced Captain at the wheel, relax and enjoy the scenic wonders unfolding as you soar. From the exquisite turquoise waters, the white sandy beaches and pristine dotted islands, to the historic lighthouses, beautiful sunsets and amazing sea life, your helicopter ride provides a spectacular bird’s eye view of magnificent Mozambique.

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