Losinj Hotels & Villas

Vitality Hotel Punta:
Discover the undiscovered and the Vitality Island of Losinj located in the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea in the North of Croatia. The Island is one of the most beautiful of all and it’s Champagne air is filled with the aroma of pine, rosemary, thyme and lemon. Croatia is renounced for the quality of it’s spas and wellbeing centres, Vitality Hotel Punta has the finest spa and rejuvenation experiences in Croatia and forms the gem of the Adriatic! Vitality Hotel Punta is the flagship of Losinj Hotel & Villas. To accompany one of the finest experiences in the Adriatic and Croatia, our local chefs have designed dishes incorporating the freshest ingredients from both the land and sea which exhume aroma and flavour to take one’s palette to another level in fine dining. Join us in discovering stunning views, charming staff, great hospitality and a luxurious experience that will take you beyond your best expectations and launching at ILTM 2012 with The Roving Ambassador.

Wellness Hotel Aurora:
Located in a stunning cove by the shores of the Adriatic Sea on the beautiful Island of Losinj in the North of Croatia, offers a harmonious experience of relaxation and wellbeing. Many properties in the world and in Croatia would aspire to having the stunning views, crystal clear air, and a wellbeing experience like no other. Our cuisine offers local dishes inspired by the flavours of the Adriatic and fine herbs which grow in abundance on the Vitality Island of Losinj. Join The Roving Ambassador in 2012 and discover the Vitality Island of Losinj.